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Welcome to SailfishOS Open Build Service

This is the SailfishOS Community OBS

This system serves several purposes:

  • for building standalone applications to run against SailfishOS
  • to collaborate on larger projects that are not in the core; eg telepathy
  • a place to build packages that may make their way into the Core; a staging ground

Logins are changing - watch this space

To login to this build service you'll need to contact lbt in #sailfishos on the oftc irc network or in the SailfishOS Forums and get him to register you on the Community Bugzilla

The build system has limited resources so please be considerate; don't leave unused projects and packages that build against changing targets like Core.

The Open Build Service (OBS) is an open and complete distribution development platform that provides a transparent infrastructure for development of Linux distributions, used by openSUSE, Mer, SailfishOS and other distributions. Supporting also Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and other Linux distributions.

The OBS is developed under the umbrella of the openSUSE project. Please find further informations on the openSUSE Project wiki pages.

System Status

The above graphs show the number of active build jobs last week, currently 0 of 12 build hosts are busy building packages. At the moment 5 packages are waiting on the different architectures.

SailfishOS Open Build Service hosts 1,834 projects, with 11,549 packages, in 4,672 repositories and is used by 581 confirmed developers.


David Greaves lbt wrote over 2 years ago

Older SFOS releases are not yet working. is available and includes aarch64 :)

David Greaves lbt wrote over 2 years ago

OBS upgraded to 2.9

Latest Updates

Package nfcd about 3 hours ago
Package mopesnake about 6 hours ago
Package inotify-tools about 12 hours ago
Package yt-dlp about 12 hours ago
Package harbour-mpw about 12 hours ago
Package harbour-lyrics about 12 hours ago